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Dementia/Alzheimer's Care

Dementia, especially Alzheimer's is one of the major worrying disease of the current time. We can cater for all levels of dementia and it should be understood having dementia, including Alzheimer's, does not necessarily stop an active and enjoyable life but as the disease advances more care is required. Our expperience with dementia care is now strong and we have many examples of improvement in life of dementia sufferers. For those who require 24-hour care and supervision we have a 2 boutique memory care facilities;  luxury facilities with individual rooms, each with en-suite bathrooms and a large central lounge/activity/dining area. Our first facility has 5 rooms and our newest facility has 8 rooms.Those who have not yet reached the level where 24-hour supervision is required can still manage to retain an semi-independent lifestyle with care support. 

Living with dementia becomes more difficult with time and eventually it  usually reaches a stage where living independently can become impossible but the speed at which this stage is reached can be delayed. Mental stimulation, a level of routine, links with the past and a good diet can all help slow the deterioration caused by dementia. However each dementia sufferer is different so each solution should be structured to meet their specific needs. In discussions with family or guardians we will assess the level of care required and structure a plan to meet that level.

Many facilities operate a complete lockdown policy with their guests never leaving the premises, we do not. Current thinking does not put this as the best way for their well-being; their health or mental state and it certainly does not provide them with the most enjoyable life. Our aim
is to help our guests to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.We have had some outstanding success improving the lifestyle of guests with dementia because good levels of care do work; we do not publish case studies but we can discuss these on enquiry.


At Care Resort Chiang Mai we encourage to keep our guests as active as possible which has been shown to help both the mental and physical state. With our vast gardens our guests do not feel 'locked away' in a facility as they are able to walk in the gardens with their carers and can even manage their own gardening plot. Activities are part of their day including arts and crafts, card and board games, ball games, singing, quizzes,  photography, fishing on our lake (subject to individual capability) ,group games such as bingo and of course supervised swimming.


Routine is an important requirement so we try to give a daily routine involving our guests in 'life at home' in tasks such as laying the table, making a cup of tea, even brushing the floor. Familiar objects from home such as photos, paintings and souvenirs help retain a link to past home life and family so we actively encourage rooms to be filled with these. If it is possible we will try to teach basic computer skills so that guests can keep in touch with family by email or Skype where possible.


We organise local excursions for local sightseeing and activities as well as regular shopping trips.  Our aim is to make life as pleasant and varied as possible for our guests whilst retaining the necessary safety and security that is required. Having dementia should not stop enjoyment of life.



A Discovery Channel video on dementia care at the resort. Watch Now.
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